Clipping Path :

clipping path images to judge our quality of service and fast turn around time.anything outside the path will be omitted from the output. Applying the clipping path results in a hard edge.Best uses for printing, publishing, web, media etc. masking images

Masking :

A Layer Mask is linked to a layer and hides part of the layer from the picture. What is painted black on the adjustment layer will not be visible in the final picture. What is grey will be more or less transparent depending on the shade of grey. As the layer mask can be both edited and moved around independently of both the background layer and the layer it applies to, it gives the user the ability to test a lot of different combinations of overlay. masking images

Multiple/Color path :

In general, clipping path is an outline created using the pen tool in an image editing software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or In Design. It is also called a closed vector path, or shape. The main use of a clipping path is to cut out an image from their background, but it can also be used in several different ways such as giving a special shape to an object, editing a particular portion within an image or preparing a layout design. After the clipping path is applied to an image everything inside the path is included in the final cut and everything outside the path is discarded. Clipping paths are the best option for the kind of image that has a sharp, defined edge. masking images

Image with drop shadow :

In graphic design, a drop shadow is an effect where an image is repeated behind itself to create the illusion that the image is floating over its background. A cast shadow is similar to a drop shadow but has the added dimension of perspective. Cast shadows can be rotated, slid, or stretched to create the masking images

Photo Retouching :

Photo retouching is an art form which use for photo treatment to improve the quality of photos. Photo retouching is an professional art can remove the redundant elements from photographs such as lines, skin tone, red eyes, wrinkles or blemishes, old photograph to new one and make the photographs what desired to be and we are very good on it. masking images

Back part fill :

Image color correction is a process of adding color from grey scale to monochrome image. Image color correction requires skillful professionals to complete the tedious, expensive and time-consuming task. It's a very useful service for colorizing the photo. Using path its very easy to change color of each image as you want. masking images